Northwest Wowen Writers, NWWW - Providing Social, Educational and Promotional opportunities for wormen writers in the North Puget Sound Region.
Welcome to Northwest Women Writers! 

NWWW, a collective of 110 writers in the North Puget Sound Region, is dedicated to providing Social, Educational, and Promotional opportunities for our members.  Striving to help our writers thrive, we offer pertinent professional  information, interpersonal activities, workshops, weekly updates of local literary events, a bi-monthly newsletter, plus Poetry and Critique Groups.  

Put simply, we are an organization supporting writers, encouraging friendships among our peers.    

Spanning all levels of the craft, our members range from published authors with numerous publications and books, to those just beginning their writing journey.   Originally geared to the fairer sex, we now have a handful of brave men.  Membership is open to all. 

To encourage camaraderie and networking, social activities range from formal no-host luncheons to relaxed pot lucks.  Intimate coffee klatches geared to peers with similar interests also are provided. This year we will form into genre specific small groups to further encourage interaction among peers. 

Time is frequently left unstructured, enabling writers to ask questions, network, and bond.  Most find these gatherings with their peers invigorating.  From these events, many have made wonderful friendships, key in supporting a writer's sometimes solitary lifestyle.  

Professionally, our bi-monthly newsletter includes industry articles and trends, information regarding upcoming events, opportunities for self-promotion, articles and poetry by our writers, plus much more.  Additionally, weekly updates notify members of local writing workshops, classes, conferences and literary events.  There are no fees for these services. 

Please see our events page for specific classes and workshops for the coming quarter.  Our master project for 2014 will culminate in publishing our first NWWW book, with contributions from our many talented writers.   

If NWWW sounds like something you might enjoy, please contact us. We'll put you on our roster, send you our next update and newsletter, and plug you into the spirited North Sound writing community, a talented and friendly group of writers. 

Wishing you the best in your writing career!  


Betsy Diedrick,  NWWW Coordinator  

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